Taking the game to an expectant crowd, Elixza produces a liquid blend of progressive trance laced with psy and tribal elements - driving, dancing, exploring new realms and fresh references with every performance. Rhythmic, rolling, funky and re-inventing, Elixza brings fun and frequencies of warmth; bouncing dancefloors into the next dimensions announcing, in no uncertain terms, that he is here to bring new flavour to Dance Culture.

Elixza has developed a dancefloor hybrid sound that takes the best from the little movements and micro trends that constantly spring up, helping electronic music to evolve. 
He works between the lines with futuristic sounds, yet less abrasive, to exploit the space between the beats and push out into another third dimension that epitomises the B-Boy Mixers sound.


Elixza is a strong advocate of cutting edge technology, using Reloop, Logic, FL Studio, Traktor, Pioneer decks and Mixers like the instruments they can be. The ability to glide between these sound sources offers him unparalleled flexibility as a Producer/DJ, performing at clubs throughout Amsterdam, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Byron Bay.

Supporting acts of the like: Eat Static, Laughing Buddha, E.S.P, Chromatome, Ace Ventura, Liquid Ace, Electric Universe, Liquid Soul, Funk Trunk, Flegma & Zyce, Nerso, Talpa, Zen Mechanics and Australia's finest Tetrameth, Shadow Fx, Freq, Sorceress, Volta, Multiverse, Staunch, Soundwave, Creten, Beatrix & Space Tribe. Rocking Festivals in Oz and Euroupe, Maitreya, Strawberry Fields, Ksymatica, Back to Basics, Strange Brew, Exodus, Visual Vibrations. The Gathering.

Big joy to all, see you on the D-Floor...Joy;)